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Some more maintenance on the website!

Okay, since the company where this website is hosted does not provide protection against traffic that is currently crippling the website now and then, I am forced to route the traffic to this website through CloudFlare.

I hope I have set everything right. The (DNS) change may take up to 24 hours, but I reckon things will go alright. If not, everything will be reverted again.

Thank you for your patience! <3

Hey look, a Honda Dax!

Spotted this one near my work. Looks well taken care of! :D

photo 2022 09 12 14 40 43

In other news, I am still trying to fight off Chinese search engine indexers that index so agressively, that they nearly cripple my website and making it very slow for you.

More maintenance

You may have noticed that the speed/connection to this website is a tad spotty and this is caused by out Chinese "friends" from Petalbot/Huawei. So some extra rules have to be applied to the system to block them out, but that will take a little as there is also work to do.

So all is well, it's just a tad slower than usual. Thanks!

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