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A very old photo of my Honda SS50

This photo has been taken many years ago with one of (my) first digital photo cameras. The camera drew so much power that it could only be used for a short while and when the batteries were drained, they were actually hot.

I still have this Honda SS50 but it is in a deplorable state. Yet another thing I need to add to my list to get it back in shape again. If I remember correctly, the tension sprocket of the distribution chain failed and that caused some uuhh issues with the engine as you can imagine.

HBR010 xugUuNak

Purging of abandonned, dead and unfinished accounts

To keep my member database clean, I've purged the following types of accounts up to August 31, 2023:

* Accounts that have not been activated
* Accounts that have been activated but blocked
* Accounts that have been activated but never completed the password recovery
* Accounts that have been registered and not activated and never used

The total amount of accounts being deleted: 2492

If your account has been deleted, register a new one, and you're good to go!

Thank you for understanding :)

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