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Fuel level adjustment

On all models except the C.100 and C.102 check the petrol level by removing the float chamber, inverting the carburettor and tilling it at 50/70 degrees. The distance between the body base and the outer periphery of the float should then be 19-5 mm. plus or minus 0-5 mm (C.110/C.114): between the top of the float and the end of the main jet 7/8 mm (C.92/CB.92); 22-5 mm between the body and outer periphery (PW 26 carburettor) or 26-5 mm (PW 22 carburettor) on the bigger models in the range.

Source:  pdf The book of Honda by John Thorpe (1966) (12.98 MB)


BOH Fuel level adjustment

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