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New additions to the VIN database

New data bas been added to the database. Carburettor data can be found there as well. Years unfortunately not. Yet.

CF50 K0
CF50-2061698 - CF50-2104563 (German Type)
CF50-2032136 - CF50-2104363 (General Type)

CF50 K2
CF50-2384236 ~ (German Type)
CF50-2395136 ~ (General Type)

CF70 K0
CF70-2008206 - CF70-2032173 (General Type)
CF70-2008246 - CF70-2030381 (Australian Type)
CF70-2008216 - CF70-2032053 (England Type)
CF70-2013046 - CF70-2016809 (France Type)

CF70 K1

CF70 K2
CF70-2208487 ~ (General Type)
CF70-2208437 ~ (England Type)

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