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Simson owner, come pick up your bike!

I am making a HUGE exception here by not only posting a non-Honda family bike, but also a two-stroke kind even. But my heart bleeds knowing that an oldtimer like this is going to be picked up probably around the 28th of June and probably be scrapped.

The bike is in Aachen, Germany. Pick it up. And if you don't want it any more, give it away. But stop the imminent destruction of yet another oldtimer.


VIN database is getting more complete!



I am happy to announce that I am currently transcribing the biggest VIN bible in existence. This will take a while to complete though and I will also add fields to the database to accommodate even more data entry fields.

And don't forget that you can always send me a message if you want VIN info!

More Honda VIN data has been added!

The last VIN data of this batch has now been added. Today I have added the following models:

  • 7x CB750 (including 1969 Sand Cast models)
  • CB400
  • 2x CB350F
  • CB350
  • C90
  • CZ50

More soon and keep them coming, please!!

New VIN data has been added!

A very good friend of mine supplied me with an enourmous list of fresh and validated VIN numbers and I am currently processing it! So far I have added the following models:

  • Z50A
  • CB90
  • ST50
  • GL1000L
  • GL1200A
  • CD200
  • 3x CZ100
  • 2x Z50M
  • CB400F
  • GB500 (never heard of this model before!)
  • CR125M
  • CX500TC

Some numbers had to be checked against the HMIG and are corrected where needed. Also if the Honda has been sold, I have added the sales price to the VIN listing. Damn, it's good to have so much documentation. Later today I will answer more emails, but first I have to do a Father's day visit! :)

Cracked my mirror!!

It was bound to happen someday and today I cracked my left mirror while backing up out of my garden. Plastic breaking off makes such a horrific sound. Because that sounds means there's an expensive repair to be done. Oh well, time to practise plastics repair.

photo 2019 04 30 13 50 55