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33015 Photos further...

My last sweep through the archive was perhaps a bit too general ("traffic") but it has yielded a few nice pictures that were hidden between more than 33000 photos. To be honest, a lot of photos were quite depressing, because "traffic" also yields a fair amount of car and train accidents with sometimes rather gruesome sceneries.

However, most of the pictures of car accidents made me realise that life in the past was a lot more dangerous and car safety and traffic regulations have improved significantly. My advice is, that if you consider buying a classic car, that you browse through a photo archive as well and realise what kind of death traps these cars are.

On the other hand, the joy of driving an old car or riding an old motorcycle comes with its own unique thrills and there is nothing nicer that the sound of an old engine with the smell of fuel and warm oil.

Sometimes I also stumbled upon a funny picture like the one below. The text above the picture taken by Cor Out on November 4th, 1974 says "Would the real 05-01-BZ please honk....?"

nl741104 1 dubbel kenteken

Collectie / Archief: Fotocollectie Spaarnestad
Nummer archiefinventaris: 7.000SPAond
Inventarisnummer: 101001
Bestanddeelnummer: 101001_015
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