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Think before you spend your money!

Today I heard on the radio that here in The Netherlands, the number of licences for riding a motorcycle had increased drastically. An excellent development, I think! The sales of new motorbikes have also increased which is superb for the economy as well.

Motor Cycle EB

Recently, the meterman was replacing my electricity meter, and we got to talk about motorbikes. No wonder, it happens all the time when you have a motorcycle standing in the living room. Mister meterman told me that he got his licence a year ago and bought a big bike to ride on with his wife. 

I noticed in the way he was talking about this that something was off so I asked him if he was enjoying the rides and the motorbike itself. He did not. The motorbike was too big and their garden (entrance) too small, so every time they were going out for a ride, it was a huge endeavour to get the bike out of the garden and of course, after the ride, back into the backyard. His wife got fed up with it, and with that, his spirit died too, and the bike ended up under a cover.

They both were fed up with the hassle and even about riding any motorbike ever again. What? Yes. It took one motorbike to crush a dream and throw around 1500 euro out of the window. Of course, the meterman is partly to blame for not thinking about selling off the large motorbike and getting another smaller one, but on the other hand, it is probably an "ideal picture" that they had in mind, forgetting the bike was a bit too big for them to handle.

When you go for your motorcycle licence, please do. By all means, go for it! My point of this story is that you should start small. Take a serious look at your storage space, possible turning circles and especially weight of the bike itself. Please do not buy a GL sofa-on-wheels as your first bike. Start small, get yourself acquainted with a motorbike in every days/weekend life. Also, smaller bikes are usually easier and cheaper in maintenance as well.

Have a lovely summer, preferably on two wheels! <3

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