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Enclosed chain guard

Note: Don't start writing postcards to Peter Furlong, this article is not exactly recent.

Pages from popular science april 1979

Drive chains are exposed to rain, mud, and slush. StilL with regular lubrication and adjustment they can last thousands of miles. Most would probably last longer if they were enclosed-and wiping chain lube off the rear wheel after the chain flung it there would become only an unpleasant memory. With this in mind, an English company now offers an enclosed chain guard for several popular motorcycles. It can be installed in five minutes, according to the maker. Toggle clamps hold its two pieces together, and the whole assembly bolts to the swing arm, using the bolt holes for the standard chain guard. Made of durable plastic, it comes with a black-impregnated finish and costs $55 (including shipping). It fits these machines: Honda 400F, 500K, 550K. 550F; Suzuki GS 750; Kawasaki KZ 400, KZ 650, KZ 900, KZ 1 000; Triumph late-model 750 Bonnevilles. You can order it from Peter Furlong Products, 125 Catford Hill, London SE6 4PR, England.

Source: Ray Hill, Popular science, April 1979

PS, on the same page:

For Gold Wingers
G L 1000 owners: Honda has a new shop manual for you. It has the latest emissions and repair information for 1975-1979 GL 1000 models. The manual is amply illustrated and clearly written. Not surprising, perhaps- the original manual published in 1976 won the Society for Technical Communications 1976-1977 Award for Distinguished Technical Communication. If you own a Gold Wing, do your own work, and don't have a manual, you'll find this book indispensable. It's $8.50 at Honda dealers.

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