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[NL/EN] Honda VINs and Licence Plates

Hi everyone!

I'm not posting much recently, but that's mainly due to the past holidays and me working hard in the background to gather more information for your Honda. I will also update the donations list as well.

Recently I got the opportunity to tap into yet another source that may help you determine in which year your Honda is built. This said, there are a few ifs and buts about this data:

  1. It's from a DUTCH database
  2. The years are based on the REGISTRATION date, not the production date
  3. The registration in The Netherlands is iffy sometimes. So a C100 can be registered in 2007. All unreliable data will not be added to my database.

So, the data that I will enter will only be usable as REFERENCE data.

More soon!

honda vin database

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