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Japan enters the Benelux (1963)

This article is a translation from the original Dutch article that can be found here.

For about four years now, the ultra-light Honda 50 cc four-stroke motorcycle has been imported into our country. It is a beautiful concept in moped form, which surprised us at the time by its quietly running four-stroke engine with four gears that are operated with the foot. The motorcycle has been available all these years in two versions at the importers "Het Motorpaleis" in Rotterdam and R.A.M.O. in Eindhoven.

Therefore we were somewhat surprised that last month at a press conference, where the commissioning of an assembly plant in Aalst in Belgium was announced, no clearer business connection (dealer organization etc) was made between the already existing 50 cc motorcycles and the new moped with which the production in Aalst begins.

Anyway, Honda-Benelux has big plans. And the version of the moped is new. The moped world has been given a "four-stroke", which is equipped with a semi-automatic clutch and three gears which are operated from the handlebars. Honda is now aiming for the moped driver, after having gained the necessary experience with his 50 cc motorcycles. The price of the Hondabromfiets is f 769.-, sales and service: Honda Motor N. V., Zenostraat 186, Rotterdam.

Source: ANWB, Septembre 1963, Page 516

honda c310 setp 1963 p516 1

honda c310 setp 1963 p516 2

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