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Spending the weekend going astray (for a good cause)

This weekend I have restored a tiny 25cc two-stroke engine. What? Yeah. I went from the straight 4-stroke road onto a little muddy side track to restore a little 2-stroke helper motor for my father's bicyle. Man this was a long time ago that I messed around with these engines. Especially this size! It was fun and for a good cause. 

Baking the engine so it really dries after washing. (Please get consent from your wife for this)

Slowly wearing in the piston and piston ring. Cylinder barrel has some really nasty grooves in it, but all looks well.

Have a great rest of the weekend guys.


0 #2 foxbox 2015-12-02 11:07
Quoting Goldie:
Goed bezig, spartamet? Handig he dat blauwe papier :P

Inderdaad, Spartamet Sachs 301/a motortje. Klein spul man! En dat papier is echt geweldig. Ben er erg zuinig op haha.
+1 #1 Goldie 2015-11-29 19:08
Goed bezig, spartamet?

Handig he dat blauwe papier :P

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