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A survey of motorcycle use in the forest service (1986)

Now added to the library: A survey of motorcycle use in the forest service

The Forest Service Equipment Development Center (MEDC) at Missoula, MT, studied problems with using motorcycles on units throughout the Forest Service. The first year of the project identified problems through field interviews. In the second year, field people were surveyed Servicewide to determine the extent of these problems. Overall, the survey findings show that using motorcycles in the Forest Service does not appear to be a big problem. They appear to be a very efficient tool and economical source of transportation. It was found that motorcycles are widely used throughout the Forest Service and that the public looks favorably on such use. A large majority of respondents identified operator training as a major need. They expressed the desire for "more" and "better" training for motorcycle operators. Several management options are presented that focus on improving the training of motorcycle operators.

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