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Honda CB400F Highlights

I found a list from a dealer's manual (?) describing the highlights of the Honda CB400F. We have a CB400 too, but then with a twin-cylinder.

CB400 highlights



The CB-400F is a completely new road bike. This new model is designed with a new road sports bike theme and is powered by a bigger 408cc displacement engine.

  1. More horsepower than the older CB-350F is provided by taking advantage of a bored out engine and a new quiet four into one exhaust system.
  2. The transmission utilizes six speeds instead of five speeds to transfer the increased horsepower more efficiently.
  3. The riding position has been styled to match the needs for high speed riding good handling and maneuverability, by using low handlebar grip positions, relocated footpeg positions and a alink type shift pedal design.
  4. The front forks now use the improved free valve design incorporated in the larger models.
  5. The motorcycle's styling appeals the serious minded road rider who finds beauty in functional precision equipment.
  6. The fuel tank capacity has been increased and the head light case is thinner to complete the styling theme.
  7. Centralized fuse box
  8. The main switch body is housed in a new indicator panel located between the speedometer and tachometer indicating the turn signals right and left, neutral and high beam light operations.
  9. Standardized fuel tank shut-off valve. The standardized positions are: Lever down is ON, Lever across is OFF and lever up is RESERVE.
  10. A self-returning side stand has been added. A rubber block moves the stand to the up position when the motorcycle is moving forward.
  11. Self-explanatory labeling has been added to the turn signal switch, ignition switch, horn, light switch, supplemental engine stop switch and the choke lever.
  12. New round passenger footpegs fold at a 45 degree angle to the rear.
  13. Electric starter interlock. Electric starter will not operate unless the transmission is in neutral or clutch is disengaged.
  14. Engine emission system - engine vapors are exhausted into the air cleaner for re-combustion to reduce pollution.
  15. New, large diameter turn signals incorporate running lights into the front.

CB400F highlights1

CB400F highlights2


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