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Honda PC50 doesn't get enough fuel!

Well that was awkward. Here I am, riding on my PC50 to work and my 60 minute ride got interrupted by a stuttering engine. Automatic response is to gram the petcock on the rear left and switch to reserve. But wait, i just topped that thing off. Literally till the rim of the fueltank opening.

Step 1. Call work and announce that you work fom home today
Step 2. Get home

So that sorta went okay with the choke fully engaged. While you are doing that (and still stuttering along, because it still beats walking) you think "hmkay, choke fully engaged, engine runs better. There's going to be dirt in the carburettor."

At some point the engine was barely able to run, so I stopped and took off the carburettor. Oh right, I have no tools with me to open and clean the bowl. Then I shake the carburettor. Rattle noises. That's not right, my hands should be soaking wet with fuel by now and i should not hear rattling noises when the bowl is full. Hm. Hm.

Holding both ends of the carb closed, blowing into the throttle opening, I was hoping that i could dislodge the blockade in the jet. When I came to after a brief fuel high and getting fuel in my face, I refitted the carburettor and off it went! Vrooms all the way, baby.

And then the issue came back. FINE. So continuing on half choke, I managed to get home and there I could take the carburettor apart. And I found some dirt, but nothing that could seriously impact its performance. Then I remembered the rattling noise when I shook the carb. Hm. Not enough fuel?

photo 2020 06 10 16 13 49

A quick way is to blow into the fuel intake of the carburettor. That didn't go well. It barely let air through. At that same moment I remembered a previous occasion where I had the same issue and finally figured this issue out.

So when you then do is take out the little corner pipe and look into the opening. There should be light! Aaand there was none of that.

photo 2020 06 10 16 14 00

Gosh. I think things would flow a lot better when fuel is actually flowing into the carburettor. Right? Right. So you can easily solve this with a thread of a hand brake cable, a thin tooth pick, accupuncture needles or a set of root canal drills. Yes. That's right. Root canal drills. Anyway, moving on.

photo 2020 06 10 16 02 53

photo 2020 06 10 16 13 57

Well look at that! So much room for fuel to flow! All the gunk is scraped and flushed out and I am sure it will run much better now. Of course I will test this tonight.

Next project: Rust stabilizing a Honda PC800 muffler that was bought for a decent price and shipped from the USA to NL. I will post some pics of that tonight as well.


0 #1 Jpilot1 2020-07-28 20:28
Today's fuel is rubbish compared to 10 years ago.
I think we all need to upgrade our fuel filters to a higher spec. than most stock Honda filters alongside using a petrol additive to boost the octane and protect from crappy ethanol damage.

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