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Replacing the chain and sprockets of a Honda PC50

There comes a moment where replacing the chain and sprockets of a Honda cannot be postponed any more. We're peaceful Honda riders, not evil ninjas. "What?" Well, over time, sprockets wear out becoming evil pointy things of doom, ruining your chain and possibly causing a disaster then the chain runs off the sprocket.

IMG 20160423 114528

IMG 20160423 114540

Look at this, no more delay possible and time to put 60 Euros on the table to get some shiny new parts from the shop! I also learned that this type of PC50 comes with two differently sized axles... So beware if you are going to buy a new primary sprocket! The axle can be, between the teeth(?) either 14 or 15 millimeter! And mine is 15! And there you go, another thing learned today!

IMG 20160423 111805

The chain was a bit too long but that is not a problem, of course. I do not have special tools for it, but I have my trusty grinder and other tools to shorten chains. A downside of brand new and shiny stuff is that it looks absolutely ridiculous on my Honda, in its current state. But at least I can drive my daily 70km again!! :D

IMG 20160423 170350


+1 #2 foxbox 2018-06-10 17:28
Quoting Edmund Farmer:
Where did you get the sprockets from?

I stopped by the shop of and picked up the parts there. They have a wide range of NOS and aftermarket parts for Hondas. If you need a hand with getting in contact with them, do let me know.
+1 #1 Edmund Farmer 2018-06-10 16:46
Where did you get the sprockets from?

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