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If you live in Japan, please use this form to send donations due to PayPal restrictions. The minimum amount is 200 yen. Thank you for understanding.

日本に住んでいる方は、このフォームを使ってPayPalの制限により寄付を送ってください。 最低額は200円です。 理解していただきありがとうございます。

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I've added something new!

With this form you can request Honda documentation that is not available yet on the website. There are a few things you should know though, before sending me a request: I'm the only person currently maintaining this website and I have a dayjob to do, five days a week. So please do not expect an instant reply. I may have to dig through my library or through physical books for you and that costs time. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that I still do not have ALL the data so there is a chance that your request yields no result. 

Lastly, if I have managed to find the data that you requested, please consider a small donation. I don't mind if you do not donate, though. My goal is to help you the best I can and to keep your Honda on the road. Thank you.

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Thank you for your donations!

Every so often I receive a donation and I can't thank you enough for that. It pays for the hosting fees, but also for the licenses that are needed to keep things safe and orderly.

The last donation has been spent on a license for the contact form that needed urgent updating, a license for another protective shell around my work and from what was left I bought a beer. I hope you don't mind. :) 

Donate via PayPal / Credit Card:

All donations are fully used for the hosting of this website and acquisition of documentation. Thank you very much!! 日本から来た方は、特別寄付のページをご利用ください。 「スタート」をクリックし、「日本からの寄付」をクリックしてください。

Donate via a Bank Account:
If you wish to send a donation to our bank account, please use the following data:
Account holder: PB van Geelen
Account number: NL22 TRIO 0390 4860 43
Please use your (user)name as Payment ID

Thank you <3

A super simple shop.


I've tried many forms of shops on this website. From "real" e-commerce to plain classifieds. Both is a pain in the neck to be honest. A shop requires setting up a lot of things before you can actually sell something and I am not an official shop. I'm just trying to sell my stock. The classifieds page was working okay but the developer did one (1) update per year if lucky and was not actively fixing bugs.

So now what? I'm just going to create a few pages, split up in models and that's it. Paypal button under it and done. You want it, you click the button, pay and you'll get it.

[Housekeeping] Account flagged as spam?

Hi everyone! It sometimes happens that if you want to register here (or return after a successful registration) that my system flagged you as a spammer. I can't say it enough that you should not take it personally. Not many people have a fixed IP address and it can easily happen that you as an innocent person inherit the bad behaviour of the previous user of that IP address. 

Spam can

Sometimes it also happens that you unknowingly are spreading spam via your computer or even via your smart fridge. Hurray for the IoT. So for your own convenience but also your safety, keep your firewall tight and your anti-virus software up to date. The system behind this website also checks in various other ways if the visitor is legitimate. Seriously, the way humans and bots are trying to get in here sometimes looks pretty scary, to be honest.

Now, if you think you have been falsely flagged as a spammer, do get in contact and the issue will be resolved. Just go to the contact page, read the FAQ and when your issue is not resolved that way, fill in the form and hit send.

In case you get really salty about it, here is an alternative:

Spam 2


Enjoy your stay, I hope you can find the information that you were looking for! (And if not, feel free to contact me!)