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[Solved] There *might* be an issue with the login page

If you want to log in through the login page in the menu, you may see just a blank page.
This does not occur when you want to log in while downloading a manual, so just try it that way.

In the meanwhile I am going to find the issue which is causing the blank page. Thanks!

Solved. Mysteriously...

Change in Privacy Statement and TOS page

TOS and Privacy Statement

Small amendments, concering item 3.9 being added regarding FLoC and the text has been translated to various languages. That is all, nothing serious. Thanks! :)

EDIT: Item 4.1 has also been changed. To hell with Google Analytics.

Pequeñas modificaciones, en relación con el punto 3.9 que se ha añadido sobre el FLoC y el texto se ha traducido a varios idiomas. Eso es todo, nada grave. Gracias. :)

Pequenas alterações, sendo aditado o ponto 3.9 concomitante relativo à FLoC e o texto foi traduzido para várias línguas. Isto é tudo, nada de grave. Obrigado! :)

Petites modifications, notamment l'ajout du point 3.9 concernant le FLoC et la traduction du texte en plusieurs langues. C'est tout, rien de grave. Merci ! :)

Kleine Änderungen, die den Punkt 3.9 bezüglich FLoC betreffen, wurden hinzugefügt und der Text wurde in verschiedene Sprachen übersetzt. Das ist alles, nichts Gravierendes. Vielen Dank! :)


Maintenance time! [Completed]

Some maintenance will be done in the background to improve the speed of the website.
Not sure IF it works, but any improvement is better than the current situation. :D

EDIT: Hmm. So far i seem to be missing a few things after starting to cache data. 
EDIT2: Okay, that is fixed. More maintenance shall be done during the night. Thanks! <3

Website is slow

There is some French IP address massively hammering the website. Maybe someone has a little hissyfit. I don't know, I'm on it and all is well.

To clear up the confusion between a name and a username

Dear visitors and members,

I am happily obliged to provide you a means of having your account removed.

Now here's the thing; I require you to provide your USERNAME together with your registered email address to have your account removed. This is not only an extra safety layer for you and I, but it also saves me search time for your data.

So again, I require your USERNAME (ie. propane4ever) and not your NAME (ie. Hank)

Thanks. :)

Maintenance sheduled for the coming days (1900 CET)

megaphone 1

Maintenance sheduled for the coming days (1900 CET)

I have discovered a bug which prevents me from making the website even more awesome. Of course, there is nothing in the log files so i will have to temporarily close the place so I can safely expose some process data. 

I also realise that my maintenance times are often cursed, but fear thee not, a backup is in place and with every mistake, a lesson is learned. (Don't you dare say that this would mean i'm an expert by now >_>)

EDIT 1: CAPTCHA issue solved. For now. It's a bug in the signup form and the developer has not released any new version yet.
EDIT 2: Code is optimized for speed.
EDIT 3: TWO licences renewed thanks to YOUR donations! Thank you very much!
EDIT 4: More upgrades have been performed.