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More incoming manuals!

Just like yesterday, I am trying to process the backlog of uploads from my visitors, and there is plenty to do. I'll upload a few more tonight! My library is getting so complete in the meantime that it is getting harder to find manuals and such that have not been added yet! :D

Looking at the future and my spare time

Hi all!

I wanted to take a moment to talk about the future of this website. Rest assured that I have no plans to significantly change the site's current design or functionality.

This website runs on a particular software version that is incompatible with the future (newer software versions). This is caused by the part that helped me design the theme of this website. The developers have decided to develop something new, which is not backwards compatible with the current design software. A very nasty trick, if you'd ask me, but fortunately, I am not the only one thinking so. It's literally one (1) module on this website that causes all the troubles.

I've spent many hours designing the current theme and tried to copy it to other systems, but the results are making me not content enough to publish it. So I have decided to keep the website as it is. I have not enough spare time anymore to convert this enormous website.

The current web host is still supporting backward compatibility in the core, so to speak, but this will end, too, at some point. In that situation, I will move the website to my personal server to ensure that it remains running smoothly.

This website still serves many Honda (family) enthusiasts worldwide, and it will remain up to help future generations.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

cat riding a motorcycleGrumpy cat riding a motorcycle, generated by Dall-E

Donation page is repaired

I could have known that something had to be wrong when the donations stopped (and therefore, partly my motivation to put effort into processing data). And yes, the start date of this year was correct, but the end date was in 2022. Stupid, but it happens.

So if you want and are able to spare a coin, please donate for the hosting. It's due in June :)


No more (re-)posts on Twitter and other news

Mastodon Social

Updates and misc posts will soon appear at

I'm also still trying to figure out how to upgrade this website without breaking it. Some test work, some do not. I've tried a migration, but that too is rather tricky with a large website like this. So, I'm still working on it.

Also, thank you for your visits and your compliments! :D

Happy holidays and I wish you all the very best for the new year!


Time to resume work!

I've done my part in saving a lot of websites for the SUCHO project and now it is time to focus on this website again and on riding my new motorbike. Which... is a bit of a drama. But I'll get back to that on a later moment. So yeah, e-mails will be answered more quickly and the adding of manuals to the library will resume as well.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding! <3


motorcycle book