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Current events

My passion is to archive data that, as has been proven in the past, can vanish in an instance and so I'm currently involved in saving the digital heritage of the Ukraine. My machines are working around the clock and storing websites that store cultural data. This means that my recources to do other things are getting more limited.

Secondly, with current events in the Ukraine, I'm not really in the mood to do other things than to collect and store data for this project. I need to focus on that and my own work to pay the bills.

That said; send your money to registered organisations that help Ukranians
in need and let's genuinly hope things are not getting worse.

I'm sure there are more websites with lists, but this one was found first.
Verify the cause/foundation/charity before donating.

I'll be reading my email once a week, so have patience. Thank you for understanding. I might put some new stuff on the website now and then still when I feel like it. :)

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