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Not so present lately!

I am not so present here lately and the blog section is also not updated much, but work and private life take up a lot of time. And not just that, our VF700 Sabre is also heavily used lately (duh xD) and with that, a few problems arised.

  • 1 out of 2 ignition coils broke. I have learned that the VF700 cal also run on two cylinders. Not gracefully, but it brings you home.
  • Then the rear left winker broke off. Have not fixed that yet due to not knowing how yet.
  • Theeeeen the front fork and rear suspension thought it would be nicer not to work. I did not share that opinion so I cleaned the front fork (flushed) and replaced the old grey oil with fresh sparkly oil. The rear suspension is totally seized up but I managed to get it all loose again by lots and lots and lots of creeping oil in the bushings. This needs to be addressed later and be fixed properly. However, all bolts are stuck so I hope WD40 will help me out here.

So yeah. Still here and available. But not so present ;)

Here you see the wonderful result of mixing fork oil with water and dirt:


This large hex nut was not removable. Previous owner screwed it too tight. Solution: remove air nipple and pour in oil by using a 50 milliliter seringe. I was lucky that I have had this laying around, otherwise the filling of the forks would have become really hard.

front fork

And here is a nut. This nut holds down the bolt for the low end of the spring/dampener. This bolt is stuck. And I have tried to hammer it out, but that did not work, Slowly turning it is also impossible, too affraid i break it off, really. Time and WD40 will do the trick, I'm sure.

stuck bolt


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