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Restoring Honda PC800 brake calipers on a budget

Dear previous owner of my second Honda PC800. Not only were you riding this machine with really worn out and crappy tyres, the brakes made it a right death trap. And with that, I would really like you, the reader, spend some time at the dirty bits of your bike.

1. Is your front and rear wheel spinning freely or do they stick?
2. Do your brakes feel soggy?
3. Do you feel fibration when you brake?
4. Do you hear noises when you brake?
5. Do the disks still look okay and are they still thich enough?

All these things are a bit too late to wonder about when you need your brakes. To stop for a playing child in the street, for the red traffic light and that moron that backs out of a parking spot without looking. You know. Serious injury or death sounds like it doesnt happen to you and yet you can leave home in the morning, never to return.

[/end grim preaching]

Now I dont have the budget to bring the bike to the shop anad have someone do the work for me, nor do I have the budget to buy original parts. So aftermarket products for me. Some are good, some are downright bad, but with a bit of common sense, most things can be done on the cheap.

caliper pc800 ii 01

If you do not feel comfortable doing this kind of work on your motorbike, then please let it be done by a professional mechanic. He knows the do's and don't's and it will be a lot safer for you.

The total costs of this repair is:
Aftermarket brakepads, supposedly for 800cc and up: €17,50
Seal and rubber kit, Tourmax BCF-120: €44,95
Can of DOT4: €20,00 

Some copper grease that i have in stock already. Pricey jars but they last for a long time.

So for little over €80,00, some work and dirty hands you can brake safely again. There is a very clear IKEA-style manual available. It's the one with the blue/grey cover if I remember correctly.

Here's some more pictures and i will now resume cleaning and reassembling of the calipers.

caliper pc800 ii 02

caliper pc800 ii 03

caliper pc800 ii 04

caliper pc800 ii 05

caliper pc800 ii 06








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