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Time to (carefully) gut the 1966 Honda CD125

I am getting quite fed up with the fact that I can't ride this beauty because of its crappy electrics. I burned a few bulbs, which were pricey and the time has come that things get repaired. With the best luck, it will be still next summer when this bike can be ridden, but it's worth making a new loom for it and replacing the ignition cables. One of them is broken anyway. "It will be ready to ride when you pick it up!" Yeah, no.

original honda cd125 loom

Look, I guess this is still the original wire loom? So much manual work as you can see in the next picture.

photo 2017 07 18 22 06 58

70.000 mile mark for the Honda VF700 Sabre

Giving it an oil change now. The rear distribution chain is a bit rattly and the whole bike looks a bit crappy, but it's still alive. Even with the occasional carburettor hickups haha.
Anyway, I have been looking at a future replacement and it might be a bike from the new brand Mash. Lovely retro, but new technology. Or maybe again a Honda, depends on the budget.
But for now, the VF needs to keep doing its job and for that, it gets the best oil available.

Little Honda Trio!

Three little dogs representing Honda's Little Trio: The Honda PC50, P50 and PS50. It is clipped out of a newspaper ad (De Stem) and dates from September 13th, 1968.