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Some more maintenance on the website!

UPDATE: I am reversing back to the old settings. There are some email issues that which I am unable to fix at this point. I am normally testing these things first before applying it to a live website, but since the website was pummeled to bits by a search indexer, I decided to get things done right away. So if the website is slow, please bear with me. DNS settings are like magic. Especially when it comes to email, it becomes the darkest of dark magic.

Okay, since the company where this website is hosted does not provide protection against traffic that is currently crippling the website now and then, I am forced to route the traffic to this website through CloudFlare.

I hope I have set everything right. The (DNS) change may take up to 24 hours, but I reckon things will go alright. If not, everything will be reverted again.

Thank you for your patience! <3

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