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Tom Phillis on his Honda (1961)

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Archief Fotocollectie Anefo
Reportage / Serie TT Assen 1961
Beschrijving 125cc-race: nummer 26 Tom Phillis op Honda
Datum 24 juni 1961
Locatie Assen
Trefwoorden RACES, motorsport
Persoonsnamen Phillis, Tom
Instellingsnamen TT
Fotograaf Bilsen, Joop van / Anefo
Auteursrechthebbende Nationaal Archief, CC0
Materiaalsoort Negatief (zwart/wit)
Nummer toegang
Bestanddeelnummer 912-6406
Permanente url

This was just dropped into the mailbox!

A fine 125-200cc Twins Service and Repair manual for the following models, made between 1964-1977:

  • Honda CB125
  • Honda CD125
  • Honda CL125
  • Honda SS125
  • Honda CA160
  • Honda CB160
  • Honda CL160
  • Honda CA175
  • Honda CB175
  • Honda CD175
  • Honda CL175
  • Honda SL175
  • Honda CB200
  • Honda CL200

Uploaded by The Librarian. Thanks!!

December Picture Parade!

I'm going to spend a few hours in the archives again and will try to post a new photo each day until the end of december. I might misidentify a model, so feel free to tell me the correct one in the comments! Enjoy!

goldie wegenwacht

© Goldie

Honda P50 documents have been added

Julian sent me this a while ago and I only got to it now to upload it!

Today has been added: A Dutch Owners's manual for Honda P50 and a Japanese manual to mount extra indicator lights onto a Honda P50! THanks!