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[NL] Honda Dream 250 advertentie uit 1959

NVHN 30 05 1959 Pag 04

waren reeds direct verkocht, maar ............ wij hebben weer nieuwe voorraad. Kom dit wel zeer exclusief motorwiel eens bezichtigen. 250cc, 2 cilinder Twin, elektr. starter, knipperlichten, berghoorn, loopt geruisloos, snelheid 135 km. Een Japanse droom in werkelijkheid.

Henk Borkhuis - Zuiderdiep 42 - Telefoon 24056

Source: Nieuwsblad van het Noorden, 30 Mei 1959

One of my Honda PC800's passed the 60k miles mark!

I got this bike when it had 53.000 miles on the counter and yesterday it passed 60.000! The exhaust has become quite crusty in the meanwhile, but overall it is doing really well. Over the course of the 7.000 miles it had two oil changes. One because the previous owner used crap oil and the second time because I like to change the oil every 5.000 miles. It's a € 40 investment and it's well worth it.

honda pc800 60000 miles



( Btw, if you happen to think that 60k is not much and your bike has done at least four times as much, good for you ;) )

Honda "50" / Honda CA100T Advertisement

Popular Science dec 1961 p175 CA100T honda

Source: Popular Science, December 1961, Page 175


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CITY STREET, OPEN ROAD OR MOUNTAIN TRAIL ' FABULOUS ''50'' THE NEW LOOK IN LOW-COST, HIGH-FUN PERSONAL TRANSPORTATION! No othe r motor vehicles-two-wheeled o r fourhave created a g r eater sensatio n through out America and other parts of the w orld than the amazing new HONDA "50"s. They're co nverting thousands of men, women a nd youngsters every month to two -wheel travel-to work, market, school and outdoor fun . This year, over one million people will buy HONDA "50"s! You have 4 ligh t , lively and unbel ievably economical model s to choose from . .. precision -b uilt beauties that cost only $ 275 (there's even one for $ 245) , get up to 225 m . p .g ., take you places at a whisper-quiet 40 m .p . h . ! Easier and safer to ride than a b ike, the HONDA "50" has an automatic clutch and 3-speed transmission that sh ifts with a si mple touch of the foot. The revolutiona r y 50 cc 4 -str o ke OHV engine delivers 5 lively h o r sepower , is practi c ally maintenance -free a nd uses pump gasoline (no messy oil & g as mi x ture!) For hunters a nd fi she rmen, nothing on the market equals the performa nce of HONDA'S Trail "50". It'll take you ove r desert an d mountain co untry where not even a jeep will go. The r ugged gearing (low gea r 82 to 1) climbs 45" grades with full load, t a kes yo u over roc ks , logs , through underbrush. Quick-change rear sproc ket for speeds up to 45 m.p.h. Knobby-traction tires, dual-c am type brakes and hydraulic shocks both front and rear for easy handling over r o ughest terrain. See HONDA ' S four fabulous '' 50" s at your s p ort i n g goods , bi cycle or m ot or cycle d ea l er . on ly MARK 10 0 $245p . o. e. I ------------- '1 AMERI CAN HONDA MOTOR CO., INC. Dep t. PSII-Ii. :·;, I 40 77 West Plc o Bou levard, Lo s Ance l es 111, Calif. ;, For nearest I Pl ease send literature on the HONDA "50" line t o. /, f~ dealer, call I NAME ~ - Western Unio n I. STREET J I I by number and I CITY ZONE - STATE I ask for OPERATOR 25 . I 0 I am especiall y interested in Honda Trail "50", l 1 0 Include lit eratur e on Honda motorcycles en d ' or us e coupon I scooter (10 models available, from 125 cc to I for f ull facts . 1 305 cc). J. 0 I am interested lei dealer franchise information.