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[DE] Little Honda, Mofa P50


Mofa P50 - Little Honda

- Quicklebendige vier Takte
- leise
- automatisch
- zuverlässig
- wirtschaftlich

Der luftgekühlte Viertaktmotor bildet mit dem Hinterrad eine Antriebs-Einheit; für den Service leicht zugänglich.

honda p50 13

Thank you, ANWB. (Dutch road assist guys)

Well, I thought already that my butt was suspiciously warm, but didn't think of anything bad. It turned out that my battery didn't charge because there was a proper short happening under my seat. This may explain why I smelled something weird earlier already.
So yeah, bad contact due to corrosion, nearly having literally a hot-seat and having to push my bike of an intersection because the wires just broke.
Lesson learned, improvements made, moving on!