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Donations well spent

Not only are donations used for covering the hosting expenses, but also to purchase manuals. And today this brand new, still sealed manual arrived.

Thanks! :)

And more bugs (+ update)

I'm beginning to get tired of this. So, if you stumble upon a 404,  try to find the page via search or something.

Well well, I did a -very- ugly hack to get things fixed, but at least it works again. Back to having weekend now!

And 'ere we 'ave une 'onda Chaly CF70

(pls dont shoot me if I make a translation erreur)

le Chaly est une version "urbaine" et plus luxueuse du Dax. Même partie moteur, mais poutre centrale du cadre abaissée. la carrosserie est plus soignée: garde-boue enveloppant, tablier avant en plastique souple, carénage intégral du moteur.

belle femme cf70 chaly

Moteur : 4 temps. monocylindre, 1 ACT, alésage et course 47 x 41.3 mm, cylindrée 70 cc, puissance 4.5 ch à 7.000 tr/mn, 0,53 m/kg à 5.000 tr/mn, allumage batterie-bobines, lubrification par carter humide, mise en route par kick. 

Transmissions : transmission primaire par engrenages, transmission secondaire par chaîne, embrayage multidisque en bain d'huile, boite de vitesses à 3 rapports.

Partie cycle : cadre coque tôle emboutie, pneus AV et AR 3,50 X 10, roues en alliage léger, jantes démontables. freins AV et AR à tambour simple came.

Suspensions : AV télescopique, AR oscillante, amortisseurs non réglables.

Dimensions : 1.615 x 630 X 960 mm, empattement 1.100 mm. garde- au sol 125 mm, poids 70 kg à sec.

Capacités: réservoir d'essence 2,8 l.
Prix : 2.500 F.

Voici un scan de Moto Revue 1976 n spécial Salon 76 Chaly CF70

Engine: 4 stroke. Single cylinder, bore and stroke 47 x 41.3 mm, capacity 70 cc, output 4.5 hp at 7.000 rpm, 0.53 m/kg at 5,000 rpm, coil-battery ignition, wet crankcase lubrication, kick start.

Transmission: primary transmission by gears, secondary transmission by chain, clutch in oil bath. 3-speed gearbox.

Cycle part: frame shell sheet metal shell, front and rear tyres 3.50 X 10, light alloy wheels, removable rims, single cam front and rear drum brakes.

Suspension: telescopic front, oscillating rear, non adjustable shock absorbers.

Dimensions: 1.615 x 630 x 960 mm, wheelbase 1.100 mm. ground clearance 125 mm, dry weight 70 kg.

Capacity: Fuel tank 2,8 1.
Price: 2.500 F.

I found a "mystery" Honda PC50!

I am currently doing some datarecovery for a friend of mine and decided to dig around on one of my old disks as well. And among other pictures, I found a bunch of pictures of this Honda PC50. To whom did it belong and where is it now? Let me know if you do!









Slow website issues

Brief message: The website is currently slow and this is caused by overloaded servers caused by... well... you know who. Let me just point eastwards. Other Dutch website also are suffering under this event at the moment. It will be fixed soon and in the meanwhile, have a bit more patience with loading a page. Thanks! :)

Update: Fixed.