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New Revue Moto Technique magazines have been added!

Thanks to the uploader that would like to remain anonymous, which is a-okay. :)

Revue Moto Technique - Honda MTX200 RD/RF (1983-1987) Issue 53
Revue Moto Technique - Honda MTX125 RD/RF/RF2 (1983-1987) Issue 53
Revue Moto Technique - Honda MBX125 FE/FF2 (1984-1987) Issue 53
Revue Moto Technique - Honda dax ST70 (1970-1988) Issue 69
Revue Moto Technique - Honda CG125
Revue Moto Technique - Honda CM125 T/TB (1978-1981) Issue 60
Revue Moto Technique - Honda CM125 CC/CF (1982-1993) Issue 60
Revue Moto Technique - Honda CBR125TD (1983-1988) Issue 26
Revue Moto Technique - Honda CBR125 T/T2 (1977-1978) Issue 26
Revue Moto Technique - Honda CA125 Rebel (1995-2000) Issue 100

Climbing mount Fuji (1963)

Climbing mount Fuji 1963 Honda Z100 and CZ100

While searching what this photo above [1] is about, I think I discovered that this is a group of brave men climbing Mount Fuji with a Honda Z100 and a Honda CZ100 in 1963. [2]

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I then started to dig a little deeper and found another page [3] that contained the following translated text:

5. 'Turning a disaster around...'

Where did the mistakes in Honda Where did the mistake in 'Magazine' come from?

Probably, they did not look into the past and did not check the data carefully, but looked it up on the web or in magazines and somehow published the article "First ascent of Mt Fuji". Fuji" without carefully studying the past data.

Honda's company newsletter "Flying" is a rare source of information, and the editorial department of Honda Magazine's editorial department did not have it. However, since Honda Magazine = Honda Magazine = Honda, so please be careful about publishing historical facts. I hope that Honda Magazine = Honda will be very careful about the publication of historical facts.


If the mistake had not come to Ms Nabeta's attention, there might not have been anyone to correct it.
Miraculously, I am glad that he himself offered to correct it.

To begin with, it seems that the Cub was not the first and last time that 'climbing Mt Fuji by motorbike' was done. In the late 1950s, there are stories of motorbikes from other companies reaching the summit, and even after 1963 there is an article in a later Honda company bulletin about reaching the summit of Mt Fuji on a CS90. It would be a "big mistake" to say that it was the first and last.


Fuji, both achieved simultaneously in 1963, five years after the Super Cub was launched. Fuji in 1963, both of which were actions that had a strong advertising aspect for Honda. I think that Honda had issued a notice saying "Conquer the highest mountain with the Hunter Cub", so it was a good thing that both were successful. I am sure that it was good that both were successful.


Next year will be the 50th anniversary of the Cub Climbing Mt Fuji. How about an event where you and Mr Nabeta climb to the fifth station of Mt Fuji? I would like to think about it. (End)

[1] Source: Honda Heaven stash
[2] Source: - 2011-01-23
3] Source: - 2012-08-15 00:15:08




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