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Another ST50 VIN puzzle [Sorta solved]

I don't have much data about ST's and CT's but I think I have found another VIN year that can be used to get your registration. If you have a different idea about the year than I do, please let me know in the comments. Please share your knowledge!

Summary of the question:

What year does frame number ST50-54**** belong to for my Honda Dax ST50?

I have been able to determine that it is a Belgian type, but the year was much harder to find/guess.


The only lead that I was able to find was an auction site that shows an ST50 with a VIN starting with 50. This is determined to be 1972. It is also not uncommon for honda to use the SECOND digit as a year indicator. So, in all theory, on a sunny day, one could argue that your ST50 is built in 1976.

1972 : 50****
1973 : 51****
1974 : 52****
1975 : 53****
1976 : 54****

Source for the 1972 VIN:
Frame nummer ST50 502140
Honda - Dax ST50 - 1972
catawiki :

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Maintenance sheduled for the coming days (1900 CET)

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Menu structure change Part 1

I'm sorry it took so long all together but here you go. A PROPER user menu, including a takeout form. All EU compliant and made for your convenience. Menu order has changed a bit as well and the structural work will be done as soon as someone buys me an airconditioning device. D: (So i'll just do it when the temperatures will be lower again.


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Old tyres are charming

This is an old, early 60's 19" Vredestein tyre that I am about to remove from the rim because I need a replacement. Handy to have things in stock! :)