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[Housekeeping] Account flagged as spam?

Hi everyone! It sometimes happens that if you want to register here (or return after a successful registration) that my system flagged you as a spammer. I can't say it enough that you should not take it personally. Not many people have a fixed IP address and it can easily happen that you as an innocent person inherit the bad behaviour of the previous user of that IP address. 

Spam can

Sometimes it also happens that you unknowingly are spreading spam via your computer or even via your smart fridge. Hurray for the IoT. So for your own convenience but also your safety, keep your firewall tight and your anti-virus software up to date. The system behind this website also checks in various other ways if the visitor is legitimate. Seriously, the way humans and bots are trying to get in here sometimes looks pretty scary, to be honest.

Now, if you think you have been falsely flagged as a spammer, do get in contact and the issue will be resolved. Just go to the contact page, read the FAQ and when your issue is not resolved that way, fill in the form and hit send.

In case you get really salty about it, here is an alternative:

Spam 2


Enjoy your stay, I hope you can find the information that you were looking for! (And if not, feel free to contact me!)

Perfect weather to ride the motorbike!

Minus 2.5°C might not be the most comfortable temperature when having no winter clothing and no heating anywhere, but the sun is shining and that's reason enough to have a nice ride to work! (And yes, the time is set wrong on this thing. Temp was recorded at 09:00)
photo 2018 03 19 11 44 43

Oh mai, more saucy pics.

escort st50 dax nude magazine censored

Such a pretty lady posing on this mirrored Honda Dax! Especially the colour of the helmet is so retro. No wait, this is not retro, this is true 70's! If you are offended by anything else that this picture might contain, I strongly recommend not to click on "read more".

Which reminds me, I got a question recently: "if you post saucy pics, why not tag them with NSFW?" to which my answer is "I am not your mother" and "Shouldn't you be working instead of surfing?"

That said! Behold! :D
(And thank you for sending me this Patrick!)