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Well, that was awkward...

Groundhog Day

The script that tells me things are not going right with the website failed and so this website was spewing out errors and was generally unreachable for everyone. SIGH. Sorry for that, all is repaired now. I guess implementing a bit of extra security software was a bad idea? I GUESS D: Anyway, enjoy the content and sorry again for the inconvenience.

New downloads!

On a more positive note today, three more items have been sent to me this morning and they have now been added to the library!

books bricolage de la moto 13072018 0038

Bricolage de la Moto is a general maintenance book for motorcycles and written in Spanish. So: Bricolage de la Moto es un libro de mantenimiento general para motocicletas posiblemente muy útil para usted.

pdf Bricolage de la Moto (1979) (65.95 MB)

misc cb750f factory sports kit manual 13072018 0041

The CB750F factory sports kit manual and specifications is an interesting document that you may want to add to your Honda CB750 documentation collection. It has been cleaned up as much as possible, but the quality remains poor.

pdf Honda CB750F Factory Sports Kit Manual (1.78 MB)

misc cb400f poor boys musclebike july 1975 13072018 0040

"CB400F - Poor boy's musclebike" is an article from July 1975 and has been written by Mike Nicks. Photography by Tony Serivens and Charles Parsons.

pdf Honda CB400F - Poor boy's musclebike (1975) (1.80 MB)

Honda CL77 300 Owner's Manual (1965) added!

ownersmanual cl77 305 en 12072018 1942

It's something I have said before and thankfully can keep saying: There is still so much more material to publish on this website. So thanks to Akiko, I dug up this Owner's manual for a Honda CL77. And, also as usual, more soon!

pdf Honda CL77 300 Owner's Manual (1965) (4.26 MB)


Williamson Sports Motors later apparently became G. Brick Motorsports and the phone number stayed mainly the same. The number only changed from 717-726-3343 to 570-726-3343. Seeing that the domainname has expired as well as the building this company once sold beautiful motorbikes from looks quite empty, I can assume that this company is no more.