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A Honda PS50 K1 Parts list has been given to me today! O:

My doorbell rang this afternoon! It was Goldie at my front door with a parts list I had been looking for for so long! I checked if it had the "weird" gearbox that I literally could not find ANYWHERE and it is in here. This is so wonderful!

ps50k1 partslist
And of course I will scan it so everyone can enjoy this Honda PS50 K1 Parts List!

Time for some change, perhaps?

megaphone 1

I am well aware that this website does the job, but it can be much better. It's a result of migrating from one system to another and various versions of that. Then things get added, but not sorted in properly and other systems occasionally break the entire functionality like the Captcha system.

So I am again wondering if it would be a wise choice to do a radical front- and backend cleanup. Better menu structure, better code, etc. (because the current code that is responsible for the appearance of this website (the theme) is a mess.

Doing a complete overhaul can't be done. It will take way too much to do this all by myself. What I can try is to restructure the menu and improve the functionality.

Feel free to discuss this in the comments and provide feedback.
This website is here for you and I want to provide you the best possible experience!

Look at this beauty!

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Toronto Buejay found this amazing little bike locally, had to buy it and is totally in love with it! It looks really good and hope to receive more photos! :D

New Honda Frame numbers

Thank you Rob, for this data!

Honda Cub STD (Economy edition) frame number: C50-0733928 > 1995
Chrome Monkey Z50R frame number: AB02-1000399 > 1993
DAX frame number: ST50-6342403 > 1979

Reference: Honda dealer