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Why do people think it's cool to basically destroy a Honda. I mean, the comments tells it all:

"omg engine destroyer omg" "Your ***** in the head m8 your valves are gunna go kapooof" "Not a very smart thing to do, valve's get slammed by piston, piston snap valve, head gone :[" "**** DONT RAPE IT" "there you go real smart, hold it wide open in neutral. that just shows that your iq is around 10 or 15"

Etcetera, etcetera...

I don't even want to download the clip so I can post it here.
See for yourself:


Honda C50 in Dutch TV commercial

Can you spot it? Just wait until you see a train and an overpass. Enjoy and drive responsibly ;)


Believe in freedom, believe in Honda

A UK Honda commercial for the Honda C70 (£ 369), Honda 250 Super Dream (£ 1025) and Honda H100 (£ 482)

Video might not work, I have no idea
why and I'm on a break. Will fix later! ;)
EDIT: 3XN found the bug quickly, here is a simple solution!

Old magazine ad: Honda CT70 and CT110


There's more to being ready for camping than just coping with Mother Nature. Don't forget human nature. Like running out of bait when the fish are biting. And running out of something to drink when they're not. That's when you could use a lightweight, Honda CT110 or CT70 trail bike. No need to crank up the major means of transportation to run a minor errand. Just kick one of these on/off-road, street-legal, miniature motorcycles to life and you're on your way. And back. In no time. When semi-knobby tires, automatic clutches, hydrolic suspensions and USDA-approved spart arrestor/mufflers, practically nothing comes better prepared to cut the great outdoors down to size. And because they also feature economical four-stroke engines, you'll have a gas doing it. Without using a lot of gas. The Honda CT110 and CT70 trial bikes. Don't leave your motorhome without one.


[NL] Bromfiets valhelm verplicht op 1 Januari 1975


Foto: Hans Peters

Voor bromfietsers en hun medepassagier geldt de verplichting om een helm te dragen sinds 1 januari 1975.

Hoewel er in de volksmond wel gesproken wordt over bromfiets- dan wel motorhelmen, bestaat zo'n verschil voor de wet niet. Alle helmen die zijn goedgekeurd volgens de Europese norm 22.05 (herkenbaar aan een ingenaaid label met de letter E, gevolgd door een cijfer dat het land van productie weergeeft) voldoen aan de Europese norm en mogen op zowel de brommer als de motor gedragen worden. Helmen die aangeprezen worden als geschikt voor de motor zijn over het algemeen wel (veel) duurder en beter afgewerkt dan de helmen die in bromfietszaken worden verkocht. Bron: Wikipedia