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Moped Safety Instruction Video - 1979

This video from 1979 is all about how you should behave in traffic to survive!
(no seriously, go watch it. You may learn a thing or two)

HVN Brommerpulling 2003

A video we made of the HVN Brommerpulling event in 2003. You know, good fun with mopeds!

Bicycles and mopeds in the 70's in The Netherlands

The video has Dutch commentary, but it gives you a good impression of the popularity of mopeds and bicycles here in The Netherlands. And even today, their marketshare is pretty significant!

Economy Contest at Hockenheim in 1977

A lot of young people participated in a fuel economy trial to see who could make the longest distance with 15 cc of fuel. It was held in Hockenheim in the former BRD/FRG (West Germany). The winner achieved a fuel consumption as low as 1 liter per 674 km.


zuinigheidswedstrijd 1977