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Added 2.8 and 2.9 on May 19th 2020. Thank you for reading this FAQ.

Please take a moment to read through our FAQ to see if that answers your question already. You can always send us a message, but these common questions can save time for you and us.

If you get the reCAPTCHA error showing 'ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key', please try to log in after 15 minutes. This is a bug that happens once in a while and does not show up in my error log. I'm working on it!


§1. Answer time

 What is your response time to my questions?
A: The regular response time is "as quick as possible". This website is not representing a company so questions will be answered when there is time available. Usually, you will receive a response within 24 hours, and if you send a message in the weekend, it might take a little longer. Also, as a friendly reminder, politeness brings you a long way. ;-)

§2: Accounts

 I have not received an email with the confirmation link!
A: Please, check your spam folder first. There is a good chance that the email landed there. If it did not, send me a message.

 I cannot register because my IP or E-mail address is flagged as a spam source but I have never sent any spam!
A: Please read this article! At the end of the very informative article is a link to this form again.

 I got blocked because I seemed to be doing a thing that a hacker does.
A: Send me a message via the contact form and I'll whitelist your email address. You may be asked a question which you have to answer to prove that you are an actual human being and not a spambot.

 I cannot log in because it asks for a secret key!
A: You only need the secret key if you have set this up in your profile. If you have not done so, you will not have to fill in this field.

 I have an issue with logging in or registering! [without any clarification or something]
A: Provide more information, please. Then help is on its way.

 I'm having troubles with creating a new password!
A: We are aware that we require rather complicated passwords for this website, but it is for your safety as well.
Your password needs to meet the following criteria:
- A minimum of eight (8) characters
- An uppercase character, like H
- A lower case character, like h
- A number, like 1
- A symbol, like @
A helpful website is this Password Generator

 Why do you require me to register? I just want this manual!
A: I require you to register with a real email address because this is the only token of appreciation that I want for the thousands of hours of work I have put in this website. You don't have to dig through many malicious spam sites to get what you need because I have done all that for you. You can instantly download the file you want, for free, without any danger of spam or exposing yourself to malicious websites.

I used a fake e-mail and this didn't work. I then used my real e-mail address and this got blocked as well! Why is that? And can you please lift this ban?
A: See 2.7 and you agreed to the TOS when you registered and no.

I used pretty severe profanities in my (fake) e-mail account name because I literally have nothing better to do than to piss on your work and now I am blocked from accessing your website. I really need this manual though, can you lift this ban?
A: I have no time for people like you. So no.

§3: General help

 Help, I need a yellow part that is in front of my Honda, can you help me?
A: Yes, help is here. However, you must be as accurate as possible and state for which Honda model it is. You can even send a picture of the part together with this message!

 I cannot find a page that I followed through a link!
A: Please let us know which link is not working and it will be fixed as soon as possible! Thank you for reporting!

§4: Downloads

 Why is not possible to download more than five files?
A: You can download up to 5 files per day. The download limit has been put in place because there are a few people who cannot control themselves and try to download every single file on this website, often to sell it off on CDs to buyers on EBay.
- No, we will not send you our entire library on a DVD "to compare files"
- If you say you are not going to sell the files on Ebay, you probably will sell the files on Ebay.

 My download stops or does not start at all!
A: Did you agree to the terms? Have you tried r-clicking the blue download button under the "I agree..." tickbox and select "save as"? If this does not work, do send me an email and it will be fixed for you. Don't forget to send the URL of the file you want with your message.

§5: VIN Questions

 Do you have irrefutable evidence for the years connected to the VIN?
A: Often I do, sometimes I estimate the year based on the appearance and details of the motorbike or moped.

 Do you always require one or more photos for identification?
A: It would help greatly if you send clear photos. Please, no thumbnail sized photos. But if you cannot provide them, I'll try to identify the vehicle purely by VIN.

Can you, besides a reply and possible answer from you, provide an official report for me?
A: I can provide you with a report with my letterhead and references for you. This has helped many people already with acquiring their paperwork. It would be nice though, if you would send a small donation in return.

 I am searching for a model in your VIN database, but I get no result!
A: It is possible that I don't have this model in my database, but there is also a small, but annoying bug in the interface. Please see that you are on result page 1 and not any other page number. To make it even easier, scroll down the database page and search for the pagination. You should bee something like "Start Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next End". Just click "Start"

§6: Privacy

 What will you do with my data?
A: Please see:

Q: If I ask you to remove my account, will you do that?
A: If the request originates from the email account this particular account is registered with, yes.

 If I ask you to hand me over all the data you collected about me, will you do that?
A: I can hand you your account data that holds your email address, username and registration number. There is literally nothing more! And yes I will, the law requires me to do so. Of course, only if the request originates from the email account this particular account is registered with.


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