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[NL] Nieuwe Hondatechniek

73 Nieuwe Hondatechniek Geplaatst op: 2005-04-18 17:10:43   Hits: 730

Op de 33e Tokyo Motorshow is weer een nieuw stukje techniek van Honda gepresenteerd.
Lees de pagina maar eens en zie wat nieuw is in de wereld van Honda 4-Stroke...

Zero fuel consumption and emissions when stopped.

A world first* in motorcycles, Hondaユs Idle-Stop system automatically stops the engine of the Giorno Crea Deluxe whenever the scooter is stopped for more than three seconds, for example at traffic lights, then seamlessly starts up again and takes off the instant you twist the throttle to send you on your way just as smooth as can be! In this way, fuel consumption, exhaust emissions, and noise are all reduced to zero while stopped.

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