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[Forum] French C320 : CF50

Hello all friends, I bought a very original CF50 yesterday, it was sold by its first owner who bought it in 1967 when he was just 14 years old. Here is a picture of the bike and the seller:
I am very surprised by the CF50 type as for me the CF50 is the Honda Chaly appeared in 1972. The frame number is CF50 - A26099 and there is a plate with French approval for the Type CF50 dated February 1967:
More surprising is the fact that in the 1967 Honda France catalogue, CF50 is named C321? As you can see on the picture some parts are missing: rear chain case, rear tail light and fuel cock. Thanks in advance if you have these parts!
Kleesbees: Hi Patrick, Indeed the C320 series had other codes in France strange enough. So is the TT50 model named CB50 in France? The correct model name for your Honda is C320S. The second in line from the C320 series. If you are looking for these parts used you better look at Viertaktschuur They have a lot of used parts and most likely they have what you need. Enjoy, Klees
Patrick: Thanks Klees for the very interesting link, they seem to have the chain case, I think they are identical for C320/C320S. They also have a rear fender complete with tail-light! I'll inform you if it's OK with ViertaktSchuur
Kleesbees: Well, the rear fender is not from the C320S but a TS50 on that site. Keep that in mind. Better ask for a tail light with the mounting rubber complete. The chain case is in all types the same. For the rest enjoy your bike. It is in good condition to bring back to its former glory
Patrick: Thanks Klees, they are OK to sell only the tail-light as I don't need the rear fender, about the chain case they say that there is some adaptation to make for a C321, I am surprised as I think like you that all chain-case are identical for C310, C320, C321 ... Price seems high: tail-light + chain case + fuel cock + shipping to France = 200 € What do you think about?
Kleesbees:  Hi Patrick, There is no adaption to be made on the chain guard. They all fit C310, C320. The price is indeed a bit high, but in the market today the availability makes these prices. Chain guards are becoming very rare as is the tail light. If you are Lucky these parts will show on marketplace websites, but they are soon gone and also for high prices. For every Honda restoration, you will need some serious money I can tell you
Patrick: Oh yes, I know, you can see my Honda restoration here You can also see other pics of this bike on my forum, here: Thanks indeed for your help Klees
Kleesbees: Nice work. Good job there. I love the CB motorbikes a lot. I had a CB750 for years and have overhauled the engine back then. Now only working on the Mopeds from Honda mostly from the 60's. If you need any help with this bike let me know.
Patrick: Yes Klees, I would have your help and those from Dax6 and Peter Van Geelen with the aim to know the differences between French and other C310 and C320. C310 was introduced in France in July 1963 I think with only minor differences with the standard C310. It was not a success in France, first because of a higher price than French products by Motobecane and Peugeot, and because it was easier to tune up 2-stroke engines! C320 was introduced in France in June 1965, a better success than the C310 but nothing compared to the French market. CF50 was introduced in France at the beginning of 1967, it was an evolution of the C320 in the aim to obtain a better price. French official approval for the Type CF50 was on 17 February 1967, and the one I bought was sold new at the beginning of March 1967, so it was one of the earlier CF50. Frame number CF50-A26099, engine number C321E-A10325. Strangely Honda France called this model C321 in their sales catalogues! I didn't saw differences between French and other models in the C320S parts list, do you have information about it? Thanks
Kleesbees: As far as I know the only difference between the French and "other" carburettor country versions was the electric horn Always mounted carburettor. The C320S and TT50 models were released on the Belgium market, but I don't think I have seen the TS50 and TS50DX models there. They were released after the TT50 (CB50). The C321 code you can also find on the engines from different type, but Honda Always made a mess in codes so nothing new there. The C310 was in Holland only popular with the adult drivers and especially the postman who loved the automatic clutch. Also here the prices were much higher than the 2 stroke, but the quality was better and in the 70's they got more popular among the students.
Patrick: You're right with the electric horn on French models, on the CF50 there was also no high-low beam for the front light. I will have next week this original Parts List C310S (C311) C320S (C321) edited November 1967, I hope to find more information about these questions!
Wim: Very nice bike. The viertaktwinkel (fourstrokeshop) has parts too for this bike. I searched on c310 that gives more finds even for 320.
Patrick: Thx Wim, I bought many parts from Coos Matser for my Amigo : 
Wim: Very nice site you have and also nicrestorationsns. You knew the site already from Matser. I also bought parts there for my Amigo.
Peter: Hi Patrick, You got the right book! It will show you clearly which part has been fitted to Belgian, Dutch and French models!
Patrick: Thanks PB, I made a high-def scan of this parts-list, all specs between French, Belgian and Holland models are clear but I found some errors or changes, eg the air filter. I also scanned the Owner's Manual in French, tell me if your are interested by these 2 PDF for your Downloads
Peter: Hi Patrick, Thank you, I would really like to have files and I will add them to the library! You can upload your material here: If it does not work for some reason, let me know and we'll find a way!
Patrick: The 2 PDF files are uploaded!
Peter: Thank you, I will process them asap!


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