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Honda CT90, CL350, CB350, CB450 and CL450 recalls in 1968


Clearinghouse order number N/a
NHBB Recall Identification Number(s) 68-0007 to 68-0043

No. of recall campaigns: 3
No of vehicles: 8196

Bureau Identification Number: 68-0007
Date of Company Notification: 01-22-68
Model Type: CT-90
Notes: Motorcycle
Model Year: Not Recorded
No of vehicles: 217
Number of pages on file: 6
Reason: Possibility the rear axle shaft was in correctly heat-treated. Thus when tightened down and placed in service there is a possibility of breakage. If the rear axle breaks the CT-90 may become unstable and difficult to control. (Correct by replacing axle shaft with proper heat-treated axle shaft.)

Bureau Identification Number: 68-0036
Date of Company Notification: 04-12-68
Model Type: CL350
Notes: Motorcycle
Model Year: Not Recorded
No of vehicles: 1644
Number of pages on file: 5
Reason: Possibility the mounting bracket for the rear brake torque arm was improperly welded. If the bracket tears loose from the rear fork it would cause the loss of effective ness of the rear brake. (Correct by inspection and replace rear fork if necessary.)

Bureau Identification Number: 68-0043
Date of Company Notification: 04-10-68
Model Type: CB350 / CL350 / CB450 / CL450
Notes: Motorcycle
Model Year: Not Recorded
No of vehicles: 6335
Number of pages on file: 7
Reason: Possibility of incorrect throttle cable adjustment which could cause cable junction slide to bind in its case when the throttle is fuly opened. This may prevent the carburetor throttle valves from returning to their closed position even though the throttle grip has been rotated to the closed position. (Correct by replacing the throttle case junction case.)

Vehicles recalled: 8196

Publication source: U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, National Highway Safety Bureau, Transportation Library, Northwestern University, Haiti Trust Digital Library

pdf Motor vehicle safety defect recall campaigns 1968 (8.59 MB)

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