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Look at this beauty!

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Toronto Buejay found this amazing little bike locally, had to buy it and is totally in love with it! It looks really good and hope to receive more photos! :D

What's up with the PC50?

It's still not running well. Strobed the breaker points to the perfect position, carb is ultra clean now. But there is a very slight whislte going on. So I really really hate doing this, but the head needs to come off and have its gasket replaced.

This engine has not ever been tinkered with. But nothing lasts forever. More news soon.

I did a dumb.

And that happens to all of us one time or the other. So I am taking an OHC PS50 engine apart and the oil drain plug is so tight that I decide to "shock" it with one of those apply-hammer-and-the-bit-twists-slightly-to-the-left-or-right tool. We call it a slagschroevendraaier. A perfect word for a non-native to say as a swear word. It sounds scary but it means nothing bad.

ANYWAY. I will weld this once the engine is ready to be assembled again. Dangit.


My new way of disassembling an engine.

I have one of those tool boxes that happened to stand around doing nothing and I decided that this is a perfect tool to take engines apart in an orderly and practical fashion. Top box is the degreaser box. Other drawers are used to store the seperate parts in nice compartments. This is working really great!


Gaz's Chaly!

Gaz just sent in some nice photos of their Chaly!

The specs are as follows:

  • YX140 engine
  • Nibbi flatslide carburettor
  • Telescopic forks with disc brake
  • 60mm extended alloy swinging arm
  • Coil overs
  • Race pipe
  • Alloy rims
  • BMX handlebars (!)

Tell me your story (with photos if possible) here!

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