and stay a week in camping . Camping is very desirable at our parks .

Of the accidents that we broke down into ATV - style accidents , the total major - and moderate - injury accidents for all ATV ' s in the districts were 252 : 109 were for overturning ; 68 were from some sort of a collision , and that is broken down into head - on , side swipes , broadsides , hit an object , or rear - ended someone else ; 37 of the 252 were from airborne . This usually occurs when somebody is going too fast and doesn ' t see a cliff coming up and goes off the cliff . And if before they go off the cliff they slam on their brakes in a panic reaction , there could be an overturning ; because they will dig in in the sand and overturn sometimes .

The greatest injury , the severity that occurs most is listed in the rank of the greatest number of injuries . No . 1 is the moderate injury , it was 147 . The major injuries were 73 . The unknown these are the ones that don ' t get a report done but we know of them from the emergency room report was 31 . And we had one fatal last year . One fatal in 1 . 3 million visitors is a very good record .

In accidents where it could be determined , 119 riders did not have enough safety apparel to adequately protect themselves from injury . As I said before , a majority of the accident reports noted a primary collision factor was operating a vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable or prudent . And a definite pattern exists be tween experience and accidents . A majority of the accident reports indicated that inexperience with the vehicle was a contributing factor in the accident .

You all have the legend that I have with the report there . We broke it down into the different districts for month of the accident , the collision type , the injury type , whether it was the driver or the passenger and the severity of it , the safety equipment the victim had at the time , and then the reason that we could determine from the accident .

The good thing that we have going as far as accident reports is many times we arrive at the accident scene just moments after the accident , and we ask the victim what happened and he says : Well , it was my fault , I was going too fast and I did something wrong . But then after a while his friends start hanging around and then he is likely to say : " Well , the wheel came loose , " or he will blame something else besides himself because he doesn ' t want to be re sponsible , and the peer pressure around him . Then also a few weeks later we may get a litigation question coming in and we have the accident report to go back . The victim ' s first recollection of why the accident happened was his own fault 9 times out of 10 .

I am available for any questions you may have on this , and thank you for your time .

[ The prepared statement of Mr . Bishop follows : ]