Given , as I said earlier , the great number of variables that affect ATV performance , we would do well to get the answers to our most basic

questions first before deciding what steps to take . It would be a

disservice to the American public to come up with a so - called " solutions to



the ATV problem based on guesses and faulty information . It is essential that we have a basic understanding of ATV dynamics , and the factors that influence them , before we draw any conclusions about what should be done . The program that the Commission has undertaken fills that need , and I am

satisfied that the agency is doing the necessary work , as quickly as

possible , to address any unreasonable risks of injury associated with ATVS .

Thank you again , Mr . Chairman , for giving me this chance to explain my views on the All - Terrain Vehicle situation . I appreciate your interest in this important CPSC project and look forward to working with you and the other Members of the Subcommittee on this issue in the future . Mr . BARNARD . All right , Mr . Statler . STATEMENT OF STUART M . STATLER , COMMISSIONER ,

CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION Mr . STATLER . Mr . Chairman and members of the subcommittee , I commend all of you for conducting this hearing today with a view in mind of alleviating the unacceptably high risk of injury and death from all - terrain vehicles , particularly the three - wheel , all terrain vehicle .

I would like to return to a question that was raised at the outset by Representative Craig when he asked how many more millions of dollars will CPSC spend before losing another case in court ? I think the real question before us , the question I would pose , is : How many more people will be killed , how many more people will die before too many people have died , before too many youngsters will be crushed and killed and maimed and paralyzed as a result of their use of three - wheel , all - terrain vehicles ?

What we have before us is a problem of immense proportions , unfolding before our very eyes . As a Commission , we have caught it relatively early , and yet , still too late . As you heard this morning , the accident and death figures are becoming monumental . Sure , the rise in popularity of these vehicles is astronomical . I had my own staff prepare a chart showing that from 1981 to 1985 the esti mated number in use has increased from 500 , 000 to an expected 2 . 5 million at the end of 1985 , and that is the green line going up through the middle .