of dynamic stability . But , it is like pulling teeth to get them to focus on the very real problem that is before them . Prior to that they said dynamic stability was not a problem .

Mr . CRAIG . Mr . Scanlon , do you agree with that ?

Mr . TERRENCE SCANLON . No , I don ' t . I have had one meeting with one of the large manufacturers , and that was last week , and my understanding is that they are expending resources to look at the stability problem . I have told them myself that this is a big factor with the Commission and that we will be looking at their in formation and we will be conducting our own engineering analysis , and we are doing that .

Mr . STATLER . I just wanted to make one comment , Mr . Chair man , if I could , about the four - wheelers . My understanding , with the advent in sales of four - wheelers , is that the industry is trying to penetrate a new market or expand the market to the farm and rural areas and I think that helps explain the increase in sales there . You may want to ask industry representatives themselves .

Mr . CRAIG . I have one last question . There has been an allega tion , Mr . Statler , that you made an effort to try this issue in the press prior to the information being available - and I use the word " allegation and you have denied the report that the CPSC had been initiating negative reports on ATV ' s in the general media . Could you respond to that ?

Mr . STATLER . The first such allegation I heard was this morning when you made it , sir .

Mr . CRAIG . Well , it has been printed in a variety - in some news papers and some communications .

Mr . STATLER . I am afraid I have not seen that . Mr . CRAIG . OK .

Mr . STATLER . I take it the question is , have I been responsible for disseminating negative reports on ATV ' s ?

I plead guilty to disseminating information to the public that our statute requires us to disseminate to be the proper watchdog agency that we are . My view is , whether you are a liberal or a con servative in this country , the one thing the American public is en titled to when it comes to unreasonable risk of injuries is to know what they are , to know what risks are , to know what the hazards are .

In this case , there is not yet a determination made by me or the Commission that this is an unreasonable risk , but we know it is an emerging hazard . And that is clear in terms of the figures you heard today the sales figures , the death figures , the injury fig ures . Yes , I and the Commission both are guilty of disseminating this information to the American public so that they can make up their own minds as to whether they want to knowingly and willing ly assume the risk that is involved with vehicles of this sort .

Mr . CRAIG . Do you believe that your press release of March 7 , 1985 , reflects that attitude that went out under your signature ?

Mr . STATLER . Sir , I sent out a fact sheet . I did not send out any press release . The fact sheet - -

Mr . CRAIG . Did it go to the media ?

Mr . STATLER . Yes , it did . And everything in that fact sheet , sir , was information that was excerpted from staff briefing materials that were already in the public domain .