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limiters can restrict the power necessary to negotiate some

terrain and could cause accidents by reducing the mobility and

maneuverability of the vehicle . Speed limiters on adult vehicles





would probably be systematically removed by consumers , or modified by after - market manufacturers to permit increase in

speed and power .

PROH IBITION OF USE AFTER DARK : Honda believes that a prohibition of the use of an ATC after dark would be very hard to enforce , because the environment of the recreational use of ATVS is in the wilderness and off - road terrains . In addition , there

are examples of emergency or unexpected situations where the

rider must continue after dark . We believe , therefore , that a

common sense reduction of speed together with the use of light

provided on ATVs , and available whips which contain lighted

devices can be used to minimize any risk of accident after dark .

The judgment of the individual rider is , of course , essential in

the use of an ATV after dark .


Honda believes that the requirement for directional signals and

brake lights would have limited benefit for off - road use .

It is

unlikely that directional signals would be used in an off - road environment , notwithstanding the presence of other ATVS in the

area .

It could also tempt states to license the ATVs for highway

and street use , or to legalize the use of ATVs on highways and streets . These practices would be dangerous . The ATV was not

designed to operate on streets and highways nor to be licensed to