received notice of approximately thirty - one accidents involving

injuries reportedly arising from operation of ATVs which it has manufactured since May , 1980 .

Analysis of the injury data received by Kawasaki indi

cates that some 2 / 3 of the incidents reported to the company

involved riders with either no ATV operating experience or with

only minimal operating experience . Kawasaki has not received complete information as to the experience levels of the operators

in all of the remaining reported accidents .

Based upon its own experience and analysis of this

injury data , Kawasaki believes that the chances of injury result

ing from an ATV - related accident are greatly reduced as the profiency level of the ATV operator increases .

Kawasaki ' s Efforts To Encourage Safe Use Of ATV S

Kawasaki is fully committed to the safe operation and


use of ATVs . This commitment is reflected in Kawasaki ' s



to encourage safe and successful use of ATVs by its customers , as

well as in its rigorous testing , engineering and design processes

aimed at producing a practical , useful and safe vehicle .

Kawasaki ' s activities to promote safe operation of its ATVs may

be summarized as follows :

a .

Rider Education

Kawasak i provides clear and informative safety recommen

dations in the owner ' s manual which accompanies each Kawasaki

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