speed depending upon the terrain and conditions immediately at

hand , Kawasaki believes that a nonadjustable speed limitation on ATV8 would not be appropriate . For similar reasons , Kawasaki believes that installation of a speedometer would not provide

significant useful information to the ATV operator . There are simply too many variables for an operator to rely upon a speed

ometer and some inflexible speed guideline as an indication of

appropriate operation of the ATV . Indeed , reliance on a speed ometer and a particular speed benchmark might prove misleading and dangerous in the face of rapidly changing terrains or operat

ing conditions .

d .


Kawasaki equips all of its ATV8 with headlights as

standard equipment .

This permits a person riding an ATV after

dark in the off - road environment to see and avoid obstacles which

might otherwise not be visible in sufficient time to prevent an

accident . Kawasaki has not installed road ready equipment such

as brakelights , horns , directional / signal lights , and rearview

mirrors because we do not want to lead ATV operators or regulatory agencies to conclude that the ATV is an appropriate

on - road vehicle . Kawasaki views use of these vehicles on public





roads as inappropriate , has clearly described by label and owner ' s manual that they are not for on - road use , and believes that none of these additional equipment items is in any way necessary for off - road use .

- 11 -