Recommendation For Helmets And Protective Clothing .

Kawasaki strongly recommends in both its owner ' s manual and product labels that a helmet and protective clothing be worn by ATV operators . In addition , Kawasaki has worked through dealers to encourage ATV purchasers , at the point of sale , to adopt the practice of wearing such protective gear when riding

the vehicle . Moreover , Kawasaki strongly believes t ! at instruc

tion regarding the need to wear a helmet and protective clothing is an essential part of a high - quality ATV rider training pro

gram . With respect to possible mandatory requirements for such

protective gear , Kawasaki notes that mandatory helmet require

ments appear not to have been effective in promoting their

widespread use .

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Advertising .

Kawasaki ' s advertising for its ATV8 fully reflects its concern for safe operation of such vehicles . Riders are depicted with helmets and other appropriate riding gear , such as eye protection , helmets , gloves , boots , sturdy pants , and other equipment , as the terrain and situation portrayed require .

Moreover , Kawasaki ' s advertising stresses the versatil ity of the vehicle . Kawasaki ATVs are not just portrayed as

recreational vehicles , but as serving in many utilitarian uses as

well . The advertising shows ATVs in use on ranches and farms and other work - related settings . In each case , care is always taken

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