to show the vehicle being used in a responsible fashion , with emphasis placed on the need to match the mode of operation with the terrain at hand . Finally , the periodicals in which Kawasaki advertises its ATVs span a broad spectrum of ATV uses , and are not solely focused on the recreational use aspects of these

vehicles .

Industry Efforts . In Cooperation With the CPSC To Improve ATV Safety

Kawasaki is a founding member and continuing participant

in the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America ( " SVIA " ) . As such , Kawasaki endorses , and has been involved in , SVIA ' s program to develop , in cooperation with and with the participation of the CPSC , voluntary standards for ATVs . A SVIA Voluntary Standards Committee is now meeting on a monthly basis , with CPSC personnel in attendance , to develop such standards . The committee ' s target

date for adoption of an initial set of voluntary standards is the fall of 1985 . Kawasaki is committed to the voluntary standards program , and intends to meet any voluntary standards ultimately

developed and adopted by the SVIA , in cooperation with CPSC .

In addition , at the request of CPSC , the SVIA and its member companies are assisting in development of an accident

reporting questionnaire that will be used to gather and compile

statistical information regarding accidents and injuries involving ATV use . In connection with these cooperative activities , SVIA and its member companies have developed a productive working relationship with elments of the CPSC staff which should facilitate the adoption of voluntary standards for

ATVs , and the broadening of efforts to train and better inform ATV operators with respect to the safe and successful operation of their vehicles , and implementation of other efforts to reduce the number of ATV related injuries .

Thank you , Mr . Chairman for the opportunity to present the views of Kawasaki on the matter of ATV design and safety .