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Suzuki and other industry members are aware of the widespread concern over ATV safety . We share this concern . We have developed and implemented programs to promote safe and responsible ATV use . We are developing standards which will cover all aspects of ATV safety . We are confident that our efforts will result in safer enjoyment of ATVs by the



growing number of Americans using ATVs for both recreation

and utility .



Suzuki sold its first ATV in October 1982 . Sales of these vehicles were very strong in 1982 and 1983 . Recent sales have not been so strong . Suzuki has sold less than two and one - half percent of the ATVS sold since 1980 . Our recent sales have been less than one and one - half percent . Unless our ATV sales increase in the near future , we may be forced to drop out of the three - wheeled ATV market .

Safety Materials


Since the fall of 1982 , when we sold our first ATV , Suzuki has prominently labeled these vehicles with basic safety

instructions and warnings . We have included a comprehensive

owner ' s manual with each vehicle , informing the owner of

proper ATV operation and care . Each owner ' s manual includes

a " Riding Tips " section , advising the owner how to ride an ATV . For youngster - size ATVs , vehicle labeling and owner ' s