Mr . HAGIE . No , we do not at this time . Although , as I mentioned , we are working with the SVIA in development of such a film . We do not have one of our own yet .

Mr . CRAIG . Honda ? Mr . GLYNN . Yes , we have a safety film in the dealerships that describes the use of it , and the care and the safety aspect .

Mr . CRAIG . Mr . Walsh ?

Mr . WALSH . Suzuki is developing - using the SVIA basic file package to develop our version , also .

Mr . CRAIG . You do not have one now that is currently available to the dealership ?

Mr . WALSH . No , we don ' t . That is correct .

Mr . GLYNN . I do want to say , though , that I very strongly en dorse the SVIA ' s course , you know , the film and the procedure they are developing for the in - dealership . We will endorse that and work hard with that .

Mr . CRAIG . What assurance do we have , or you have , that once that film is made available to a dealer that they are going to force the purchaser to sit down and listen to a film on a video machine demonstrating the characteristics and making recommendation as to its handling ?

Mr . GLYNN . Force is a difficult word I guess , to say force them to do that . But what we will do is put it in each dealership , and as part of our setup and delivery to the customer we have a safety checklist that the dealer signs off . We are putting the safety bro chure and materials in that now , and with the film we will be indi cating on that safety checklist that the customer declined to look at it or he has seen the film . So we will make it part of that setup and predelivery to the customer .

Mr . CRAIG . What would be your reaction to a situation in which a well - designed , well - developed , researched film was available and a father and a son were seated in a dealership viewing this film . We have a 14 - year - old son and let us say a 35 - year - old father . Who do you think is really going to view the film ?

Mr . GLYNN . Well , you know it is my opinion , I am not a human factors person . But I was talking to a friend recently , and it isn ' t a 14 - year - old , so it is not an exact correlation . But he was planning to take his two nephews riding . I think they were like 11 - and 12 year - olds . Before he did that and before he did the training , he brought home the safety film that we already have . He said when he got up in the morning they had been watching that film over and over and over again because they were interested in riding .

So just judging from that , the only circumstance I know , those two young boys were very interested in the film . They wanted to ride it . They wanted to know how to ride it . They were excited about going riding . Mr . CRAIG . And they were aware of a concern for safety .

NN . They certainly showed it . They were paging through the Owner ' s Manual and they watched that film with interest .

Mr . CRAIG . Is the difference between let us say the 125 with no shock system other than the tire itself on the front fork versus the one , the 250 with the shock system - why do you make the two dif ferent vehicles , if the shock or the suspension system is a factor of safety ? Or is it a factor of safety ?