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Miscellaneous is for every book, prochure and pricelist that we can get our hands on. Go browse in this section too to see if you can find something interesting!

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pdf The book of Honda by John Thorpe (1966)

By Tagged in 1966, c100, c102, c110, c114, c72, c92, cb72, cb92, john, thorpe

Download (pdf, 12.98 MB)


The book of Honda by John Thorpe (1966)

The book of Honda by John Thorpe (1966)

All the 50 c.c. Honda machines are covered by this book. They are the 50 c.c. Models C100, C102, C110 and C114. In addition it deals with the 125 c.c. Models C92 and CB92, and the 250 c.c. Models C72 and CB72.