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pdf Motorcycle handling - volume 1 (1979)

Tagged in 1979, cb125, cb360g, department, handling, motorcycle, report, transportation

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Motorcycle handling - volume 1 (1979)

Motorcycle handling - volume 1 (1979)

Analytical and experimental studies of the handling response and performance of motorcycles are reported. Five instrumented example vehicles were used. Steady turn, single lane change, cornering and braking and cornering and accelerating tests were accomplished. Test procedures and measures are presented, together with subjective evaluations . Oscillatory behavior involving weave and wobble motions was investigated. The effects of adding load, changing operating conditions, and modifying vehicle configuration are shown, Braking tests were made with a motorcycle fitted with a prototype antilock brake system and the results showed markedly superior performance on wet (low SN) surfaces . Linear and nonlinear digital computer simulations of motorcycle response and performance are described and demonstrated .

Honda CB125 and Honda CB360G are involved in the test.