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Please show the website some love

Hi everyone! (from an average of 115 countries per month!) Thank you for visiting and by watching the number of downloads and page views, I can only assume that you can found what you were looking for here! I'm very happy about this because I made it my goal to preserve as much Honda history as possible.

This website is mostly maintained by one (1) person, namely me. I do have some help here and there and in the case of emergencies, but generally speaking, it is me that ploughs through the archives and tries to mine all the Honda data for you.

It is also funded by me personally, with the help of the occasional donator for which I am very grateful. Really, every bit helps. Now, I'm not going to be in your face like Wikipedia does with huge banner texts, but I do ask you kindly to leave a few coins in the tip jar. If you want to know how much it costs to run a website like this, please have a look here.

You can choose to donate through PayPal, BitCoin and even directly to a bank account. The only think I kindly ask you is -not- to send "just" 1 euro/dollar through PayPal because it is a waste of your money. Paypal takes most of it and it would be much more helpful if the donated amount is slightly larger. It may sound really impolite, but I rather use your donation for the Honda history and not hand it over to some payment agency.

You can find all the means for donating on this page:

And thank you very much in advance.


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