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Gestart door George Dummigan, dinsdag 19 mei 2015 - 04:53

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George Dummigan

I am new to this forum and I am in Canada so need to communicate in English. I have a 1963 C110 that my farther gave to me. He had restored it. Unfortunately I have neglected it for about 5 years and now I am in the process of restoring it again. Looks like it is going to need a new fuel tank. The tank had been sealed at one point but now the sealer has come loose inside the tank. Other than that the tank is in good shape. Does anyone have any  Ideas about how I could restore the tank? or if now where I could get a tank? 


Hey George!

You can buy a can of tank sealer to restore the tank of the c110.
Like this: http://www.por15.com/POR-15-Fuel-Tank-Sealer_p_64.html

Also need to do that with the tank of my SS50, its got a tiny hole in it unfortunatly..

Would be nice to see some pictures of the c110, maybe see some progress in restoration  ;)

Good Luck, and Welcome to the forum! :D

Peter van Geelen

Hi George and welcome!

Glad to see that you are restoring your father's C110! Now you are telling that the tank sealer on the inside is coming loose and it should not a -very- big problem, it is something that needs to be addressed. If your fuel tank is not leaky in this stage, you can add a fuel filter to your fuel line and keep using the bike.

First thing is that you remove the old sealer before using a new one. If you do not do that, you will end up with a mess again. Then, you need to have a can of rust remover and a can of sealer. It may sound like a lit of work, but it is not so bad. I strongly recommend to be careful with these chemicals because it is nasty stuff. Wear. Gloves. Please.

Here you can see my adventures with sealant coming loose:

And finally, the tank sealant:

I am using Tank Cure, which has proven me to have the best result. The bottles and cans are multilingual, so I could assume it is also available in Canada.

So I strongly recommend restoring the tank, to keep the bike as original as possible over buying another tank with other or the same potential problems.
*) Disclaimer: Alle vermelde tips en trucs zijn voor eigen risico en dienen met gezond verstand in acht genomen te worden.
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