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No. 14 - November 1969 - Carb. vlotter niv.

Question: What does 1P39FMB stand for?

lifan clone

This number referres by some as the Honda "Monkey" engine, and is a clone of its original model.

1p39fmb = 49cc
1p47fmf = 70cc
1p47fmf = 90cc
1p50fmg = 100cc
1p52fmh = 110cc

There seems to be a correlation between the engine number and the bore size

39mm bore is a 49cc
47mm bore is a 72cc
52mm bore is a 110cc


Recovered Honda VIN codes available for various models

From yet another website that has vanished in thin air, without sending me a copy, the VIN numbers for the following models have been recovered: Honda Z50, CT70, XR50, CRF50, S65, C70, SL70, XL70 and ZB50.

pho 04

The data will be published soon and as usual, feel free to send me a message if you wish to know when your Honda has been built. DONE, ADDED TO ITS ACCORDING MODEL

Miscellaneous Honda frame numbers

Miscellaneous Odd Models
1965-1969 S65 CS65 S65E-100001 S65E-999999 6 Volt Points Engine
1970-1971 C70M K0 C70ME-000001 C70ME-1999999 6 Volt Points Engine
1972-1973 C70 K1 C70E-2000001 C70E-9999999 6 Volt Points Engine
1980 C70 '80 DA01E-1000001 DA01E-2099999 6 Volt Points Engine
1981 C70 '81 DA01E-2100001 DA01E-2199999 6 Volt Points Engine
1982 C70 '82 DA01E-2200001 DA01E-2299999 6 Volt Points Engine
1983 C70 '83 DA01E-2300001 DA01E-9999999 6 Volt Points Engine
1969 CL70 K0 CL70E-100001 CL70E-199999 6 Volt Points Engine
1970 CL70 K1 CL70E-200001 CL70E-299999 6 Volt Points Engine
1971 CL70 K2 CL70E-300001 CL70E-1299999 6 Volt Points Engine
1972 CL70 K3 CL70E-1300001 CL70E-999999 6 Volt Points Engine
1971-1972 SL70 K0 SL70E-1000001 SL70E-1999999 6 Volt Points Engine
1973 SL70 K1 SL70E-2000001 SL70E-9999999 6 Volt Points Engine
1974 XL70 K0 XL70E-1000001 XL70E-1099999 6 Volt Points Engine
1975 XL70 K1 XL70E-1100001 XL70E-1199999 6 Volt Points Engine
1976 XL70 K2 XL70E-1200001 XL70E-1999999 6 Volt Points Engine
1997 XR70R '97 DE02E-5000001 DE02E-5006803 12 Volt CDI
1998 XR70R '98 DE02E-5006804 DE02E-5014265 12 Volt CDI
1999 XR70R '99 DE02E-5014266 DE02E-5099999 12 Volt CDI
2000 XR70R '00 DE02E-5100001 DE02E-9999999 12 Volt CDI

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