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Honda Motocompo appears in Kino's Journey (2017)

It always makes me oddly happy when a Honda is included in a story and recently I spotted a Motocompo in the new release of the anime series Kino's Journey in season 1, episode 6.

It is actually a fun series to watch and does not have the typical run of the mill story line or theme. The story follows the travels of Kino, a young adventurer who rides a talking motorcycle named Hermes. They explore the people and cultures of different places throughout their adventures, spending only three days at each location.

"Wait, what? Didn't you mention this Hermes name before?", I hear you ask? Yes, I actually did. I did name of of my motorbikes Hermes. Seemed to be a fitting name for the upcoming travels.

Screenshotfrom2017 11 1721 41 18 001a

Screenshotfrom2017 11 1721 43 22 002a

Screenshotfrom2017 11 1721 43 58 003a

Screenshotfrom2017 11 1721 45 08 004a

Screenshotfrom2017 11 1721 45 27 005a

More licence plates!

So all the decorative license plates are in. I now have three different models and they're all 15 euro plus 2,50 shipping within The Netherlands. Do inquire about shipping to your country, I'll do my best to get it to you as cheaply as possible. All models and colours can be found in the Marketplace! Last batch went fast, so be quick!

Suddenly, cow.

You know you're in The Netherlands when you see cows. Or, cows on parking lots for that matter.

In July this year (2017) I was taking the VF700 out for a ride and the contact was failing intermittently and the engine didn't run well either. So instead of taking the highway back, I took a by-road and then saw this cow laying in the middle of a parking lot. 

At first, I thought it was fake, but it moved! And then it got up! For some reason, this parking lot was used to hold a few cows and had a fence around it.

I wonder if they had to pay parking fee...

IMG 20171115 223953

photo 2017 11 15 22 39 29


[NL] Cub en Monkey nieuws!!

Zojuist getipt door Goldie!

De meest geliefde Honda ooit keert terug.


Gedurende meer dan zes decennia zijn er ontelbaar veel van verkocht over de hele wereld. Een betaalbare en betrouwbare kleine motor die uitgegroeid is tot een klassieker. Hij is terug - met die onmiskenbare retro-look maar onderbouwd met moderne details zoals schijfremmen voor- en achteraan met ABS, analoog/LCD-dashboard en LED-lichten.

Honda’s fun bike keert terug in 2018.


Ontworpen in 1961 voor het Tama Tech Park, een motorsport-themapark dat eigendom was van Honda op het Suzuka circuit. In 1967 bouwde Honda de Monkey voor de openbare weg en sindsdien heeft deze motor een cultstatus. Deze nieuwe pretmaker heeft een upside down vork, schijfrem voor- en achteraan met ABS, digitaal LCD dashboard, chromen afwerking en een 125 cc motorblok.

New batch of decorative Japanese licence plates!

white gallery

The current batch of decorative japanese licence plates is, except for the black one, sold out! But fear not, more is on the way.

These will be priced at 17,50 euro including shipping within The Netherlands. I'm sorry that the price has gone up a bit, but I could not get such a nice deal like I had with the first batch.

More models

I have ordered a few other models as well and I will supply more if there is more demand for that. One model will be a smaller rectangular model and the other model will be specifically for small mopeds and motorbikes. All models will be available for 17,50 euro each, including shipping.

To everyone who already bought a plate, this is your chance to get a second one! Also, I would like to thank you very much, because your purchase supports this website. Purchases and donations are being put in a fund that pays for the hosting and license fees.

Expected delivery

The plates have been ordered today, so I assume they will be here soon. How soon? I cannot tell because that varies from order to order. Let's hope that I'm lucky again this time and have them in a few days.


I will soon add even more license plates in the webshop that you can preorder. You can pick a plate, pay the amount due and when that is complete, your order will be forwarded and sent directly to your home address.