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Questions answered: When is my Honda CB360 built?


I need to know when my Honda CB360 is built in order to get the papers for it. The VIN is CB360-20*****. Can you tell me when my bike was built?


Hi Daniel!

According to my list, you have a Honda CB360T and it is built in 1975. Your engine number should start from CB360E-200000 and up.

(question cleaned up for readability and anonymity)

Honda CB360 T 1973

Honda CB360T Dimensions

honda cb360t 20100605 2048011717

Honda CB360T
Length: 2050 mm
Axle to axle: 1345 mm
Seat length: 630 mm

Width: 775 mm
Indicator distance front: 470 mm
Indicator distance back: 465 mm

Height: 1125 mm
Ground to center headlight: 915 mm
Ground to top headlight: n/a
Ground to center tail light: 800 mm
Ground to center indicators front: 895 mm
Ground to center indicators rear: 685 mm
Ground to mirror: 1225 mm
Seat height: n/a
Ground clearance: 160 mm

Feel free to enter the missing data in the comments! It will be greatly appreciated!

Carburettor Data CB360

Carburettor specifications for Honda CB360

Setting Mark 745B
Venturi Bore 28mm
Main Jet Primary #68
Main Jet Secondary #68
Air Jet Primary #150
Air Jet Secondary #50
Pilot Air Jet #85
Needle Jet  
Slide Cutaway  
Pilot Jet #35
Pilot Screw Turns 1 - 1/8
Float Level (mm/inch) 18.5 / 0.73